Time to put that phone away

We are in the digital age and the use of mobile phones is so prevalent and even kids know how to use them. There have been warnings of the health dangers these mobile phones pose, from cancer and heart disease to eye problems and other health problems in-between. There is still some research going into establishing solid links between mobile phones and these health conditions, but I am more concerned about the social and psychological effects these devices have on our lives.

phone addiction infographic
Source: Daily Infographic

Is your mobile phone robbing you of your productivity, time, focus, and even your relationships? Statistics show that mobile phones are failing to bring us together and they are making us more isolated and selfish. How many times have you had a conversation with someone without thinking of your phone? The days of deep meaningful conversations are quickly becoming a thing of the past yet we still question why we now find ourselves in dysfunctional relationships.

How many times do you use your phone to go on social media for a quick peek at how well your content is doing? How many times are you on edge when someone replies late and how often do you check your phone even when you have not received any notification? How normal is it for you to use your phone while at the dinner table and don’t get me started on taking your phone to the toilet. Our mobile phones are ruling us and they are bringing in some friends – depression, and anxiety.

I was one of those people who thought that I was not that attached to my phone until the day I decided to put it away for just an hour. Before the hour was up I already felt like I was missing something and I found myself constantly thinking about the calls and messages I would miss even though there were none. I noticed that I had no problem talking to my friends and family while I texted other people, and if not for anything else, I would keep my phone on me for the music.

Today I just want to invite you for a little challenge – THE GET OFF YOUR PHONE CHALLENGE.

get off the phone gif

Try to put your phone away when you are working, when you are interacting with other people, when you are eating, when you go to the bathroom, when you are driving (yes, that happens even though it’s so dangerous), and when you go to bed. I promise you that this will be hard but with a little discipline and some determination it should become easier after a few tries. When you form the habit of not bending to your mobile phone’s will, the phone will no longer distract you and it won’t make you ignore what’s important.

Mobile phone dependency is real and it’s disrupting lives. If you are unconvinced revisit the infographic at the beginning of this article and look at the following image I found on Psychology Today.

It’s possible to curb this dependency on our phones before we completely ruin our lives. One step at a time, one day at a time, we can do this.


6 thoughts on “Time to put that phone away

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    1. I’m happy that you liked this post The Belmont Rooster. It’s really impressive that you haven’t had a cell phone for several years because I’ve only mastered being away from mine when I am working, when I go to bed and when I am around others. This dependency on phones is really serious and I hope we all wake up to this fact before we destroy ourselves. Thanks a lot for your input, which I believe will not only inspire me, but anyone else who would like to be in control of how much they use their phone.

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