Eating your way to the grave

What you eat determines the quality of your health, and to a large extent, your health determines the quality of your life. You may have all the luxuries in the world, but if you are not well enough to enjoy them, then what’s the point really?

I wish all this food business was simple and clear-cut, but all these trends and hypes have left me confused as to which food is great and which is not so good. I think that a great life comes with some real, healthy, and wholesome food so I did a bit of research and found that some food is not as good as it’s made out to be. The following types of food can potentially lead you to an early grave:

Gluten-freeevil looking stack of biscuits

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder caused by a reaction to gluten and it affects the small intestines. People with this condition cannot eat gluten but despite the condition’s prevalence remaining constant, gluten-free diets are all the rage. Over 3 million Americans have eliminated gluten from their diet but only 28% of them have celiac disorder. Gluten-free is important for people with the disorder, but if you are just a fan without any health problem it may be time to consider moving from it.

Gluten-free grains are potentially inflammatory and people who eat gluten-free foods have been found to have higher levels of heavy metals. This is because rice and fish, two prominent foods in most gluten-free diets, absorb heavy metals more easily. Gluten-free foods are not fortified and their consumption may result in a deficiency of iron, vitamins and folic acid. You should also be on the lookout for the high amounts of sugar which are normally present in gluten-free food. Be cautious when it comes to food selection because you may be consuming poison that is dressed up in fancy packaging.

Low-fatburger with a tape measure

Fat has links to terrible health conditions so when low-fat foods came along there was a great relief. On the outside, low-fat foods present a solution for weight loss and reduced cholesterol levels, but their reality is dark.

Most Low-fat foods contain hydrogenated fats which have high levels of dangerous trans-fats. These fats lower HDL cholesterol and increase LDL cholesterol, which means that heart disease is imminent and so are other diseases like high blood pressure and stroke. Trans-fats also have a link to obesity which is one of the causes of some cancer types.

To make up for the loss of taste and texture due to the removal of fat, most low-fat foods have high levels of sugar just like some gluten-free foods. This means that a lot of low-fat foods have a similar or larger calorie count to that of the original food, and these high sugar levels are capable of causing weight gain, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, and heart disease. The good news is that it’s still possible to enjoy a reduced fat diet if you follow some simple rules.

Processedsupermarket fridge with processed cheese

Convenience usually comes to mind when there is some talk about processed food. There’s something about the taste of processed food that makes it kind of addictive, but eating processed food undeniably destroys your health.

High sugar and sodium, and little to no fiber and nutrients. If this looks like a disaster then you are right, and yes, this is what makes up most processed food. The food is mainly filler ingredients, and while the look and the feel of the food are similar to the original, the nutritional value is totally opposite. A lot of processed food causes colon cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.  There is evidence that the manufacturing of processed food is done in a way that makes the food hard to resist, therefore, you should choose your food wisely. If you must have processed food, try local sellers who don’t add unhealthy ingredients and keep away from factory-made processed food.

I guess the best choice is to go with whole foods. It looks like most hypes have many cons and are not worth pursuing. Cancer, diabetes, and heart disease are among the ten deadliest diseases in the world and if your food choices cause these diseases, you may well be on your way to an early grave.  A visit to the local farmer who produces organic, fresh produce is way better than packaged food which comes with labels that may or may not tell the truth about the contents. Fresh produce is not always readily available, but some simple home food preservation can go a long way in ensuring that you eat wholesome food.

The idea is to stick to real food that provides nutritional value. I often make smoothies because they are a simple yet healthy way to get great nutritional value. Here’s my go-to, super easy berry and pals smoothie recipe (I am a genius, I froze the berries myself).  The smoothie has pals because it contains oatmeal, orange juice, and banana in addition to the berries. Just make sure not to overdo the smoothies because they can become unhealthy.

berry smoothie recipe


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