Who are you?

Today I got a lesson that opened my eyes to things I overlooked in the past. This will be one of those short posts where I leave all the introspection to you.

Here are two questions I have for you:

Who are you? Are you who you are meant to be or are you just a by-product of other’s people’s influences, choices, and decisions?

I learned that only you are responsible for how things turn out for you. I know that this may seem like such an obvious thing but the basis of the lesson I got is that very often we are quick to blame other people and our circumstances for how our lives turn out.  It’s easy to pin your lack of prosperity and happiness on some external force, but how many times do you take a step back to assess how you are ruining your own life?

I found two great solutions that may actually help you become a better and more successful version of you:

  1. Know your associationsteam putting hands together

It’s true that the people you associate with play a very big role in shaping who you become. If you choose the wrong friends, do not point fingers at anyone when things do not work out for you. There is no denying that bad company will corrupt you, and so before you go very far in your search for answers for your lack of progress and success, check out who you are surrounding yourself with.

Do you know who you are, what you want, and the type of people who will stop you from achieving your goals? Do you love yourself enough to let go of bad company that will guarantee a bad outcome for your life?

Only you can answer that.

On to the next solution,

  1. Identify the distractionscolorful please do not disturb sign

Not all that glitters is gold, and many distractions come packaged as exciting things that draw your attention easily.

Social media posts, great parties that pop up all the time, all these exciting fiction novels just waiting to be read, friends who always have somewhere to take you even when you have work or that project waiting for you, …The list is endless.

Living your life is not bad. Going out with friends, getting some social media action, or even taking some downtime to read a book is all great, but just how much time are all these activities taking up? Each small distraction may seem insignificant on its own, but when compounded, these distractions are part of the reasons why you are failing to succeed. All these different activities may seem exciting and harmless, but are you going to let them dictate how your life is going to shape up?

I ask again; who are you? Are you who those bad associations and distractions say you are, or are you the success story you really are?


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