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We live in a world where the current changes are on a large scale and they are disruptive. If you told someone two decades ago that in twenty tears we would be talking big data, digital medicine, green beauty, or even fads that sometimes promise a lot and give very little, they may never have believed you. We have evolved in the past two decades as shown by the notable number of unprecedented changes and developments that have occurred. The world is moving fast, and we are all grappling to keep up, but should we even bother?

angry birds moving very fast and in panic gif

It is undeniable that some of the changes have been phenomenal. Look at how femtech is making waves and changing views on women’s health or how social media has leveraged small businesses that would in the past have struggled to get any traction. I love advancement and the things that it has given me to enjoy but I am also not ignorant of how social media addiction is becoming a real problem, or how vanity is destroying personal development and self-esteem. I am aware that some health rages and so-called miracle solutions may actually be creating problems.

As humans, we hold the keys to the future. Only we can choose how we are going to live and what kind of lifestyles we are going to accept or decline. It looks like technology and other advancements are dictating how our lives are panning out and we have lost control of most parts of our lives. We are not actively seeking to influence our futures and we are just going along with whatever is coming up. We pride ourselves in being more advanced than people in the past but we are not stopping to consider the rise in disease statistics or the alarming rate at which stress is becoming the norm.

We are overrun by ambition and the need to make it. There is fierce competition in the workplace, and a big concern for most of the global population is keeping up with all the latest trends, whether it is fashion, beauty, finance or technology. A person can argue that this is exactly how things should be because we do need to keep up with reality, but are we not losing ourselves? Everything is moving at a dizzying rate and the result is the chaos that we now find ourselves in. Most relationships have become dysfunctional, finances are a source of constant pain, and health is failing on a large scale, very fast.

What makes us so different from the oldies? What makes them so different from us, and what can we learn by taking a few steps back?


Leonardo Da Vinci is well-known for the Mona Lisa, his intellect, and other vast achievements, but I especially love a famous quote attributed to him – “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

I am not saying that we should go back to the stone-age or even some decades back but I hold the view that we need to know how to harness what we have so that we rule rather than be the ruled. Why is all the focus now shifting to superfoods as if there was no wholesome food in the past? We are now obsessed with new and emerging fitness trends as if people did not manage to stay fit in the past. We suddenly cannot live without so many gadgets when in the past people were still productive and I should add, quite happy. I am in no way against moving forward, but I am pro moving while being in charge.

By staying on top of the situation, we can simplify how everything works out for us. Instead of focusing on crazy trends or every new ‘helpful’ food that hits the market, why not mix it up? Combining the old and the new can help create a holistic approach to living meaningful lives. Instead of breaking relationships, it is time to set boundaries and define how big a role technology will play in our lives. It is time to cut down unnecessary spending in the name of keeping up and this will eliminate any stress that comes with it.

You don’t have to ditch your whole lifestyle, but I urge you to neglect everything that mounts unnecessary pressure, creates unnecessary problems, or overly-complicates your life. Life is not always easy but it is best to throw together the simple things you have complete power over, and the complicated things that are out of your control to create some balance. This way you will avoid burning out. Not to sound cliché but ultimately, life is for living, and rather than chasing too many things and letting life slip by, it is time to simplify everything and live a little.

I am yet to become a guru, but I am a great observer, and here are some ways with which you can throw in some simplicity into your life. These simple things can go a long way in improving your overall well-being without having to sacrifice too much money or undergoing too much pressure.

When it comes to your health:

Leading a healthy lifestyle infographic

When it comes to your finances:


and when it comes to technology:

for tech



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