Debunked: The war on saturated fat

Several years ago, there was a buzz when numerous studies showed that the long-accepted view on the evils of saturated fat is untrue. The results received a lot of attention, but it seems that some people are blissfully unaware of this development and they still think that saturated fat is terrible. Let us take a... Continue Reading →


7 easily overlooked symptoms of serious health problems

Monitoring health normally involves routine doctor visits, but not every symptom is easy for doctors or medical tests to pick up. Numerous symptoms of some life-threatening diseases are easy to overlook because they are subtle and seem somewhat unimportant. In many cases, a serious disease only becomes apparent when its severity is at an advanced... Continue Reading →

Never, ever settle

It’s a fact that life is no easy feat and there will always be rocky patches, but through it all, we don’t stop dreaming about success. Defining success is difficult because this depends on what each person wants, but ultimately, it is about accomplishing one thing or another. It is so easy to get sidetracked... Continue Reading →

The need for validation

We are living in times where self-development is huge and one thing that is talked about often is the need to stop seeking external validation. We are being told that all the validation we need is from ourselves. It’s now common to be told to speak out boldly, to never allow anyone’s opinions to determine... Continue Reading →

Time to put that phone away

We are in the digital age and the use of mobile phones is so prevalent and even kids know how to use them. There have been warnings of the health dangers these mobile phones pose, from cancer and heart disease to eye problems and other health problems in-between. There is still some research going into... Continue Reading →

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